Protospiel San Jose 2017

The Lonely Dungeon - A single player roguelike game

A single-player adventure game that you can carry and play anywhere. Pick a direction and place a tile to see what danger lies ahead. Easy to play and no two dungeons ever look the same.

You are a powerful wizard happily residing in your very own deeply secluded dungeon, but even wizards need to get out every once in awhile.

Unfortunately, you've lost your keys and need to explore each level to work your way out in time to make it to the local farmer's market, but beware. The traps are dangerous and the mazes are filling up quickly with obnoxious adventurers trying to find fame and riches. It'll take some strategy and luck to survive.

The Lonely Dungeon is a rogue-like strategy game for casual and advanced players.

Designer Doctor Popular
Development Status Nearing Completion
Expected Play Time 15 minutes
Number of Players 1 to 1
Intended Audience Casual
Interest Level {{}} players

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