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Toronto, ON


Beverley Halls SPK

206 Beverley St, Toronto, ON M5T 1Z3, Canada

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Protospiel North is an extension of the popular series of Protospiel game design and development conventions. Amateur and established game designers get together to test and improve game prototypes in a supportive, cooperative environment. This casual event is based on sharing experiences and insight toward a goal of making the best games.

The convention runs from Saturday May 25th to Sunday May 26th at the Beverley Halls SPK in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Protospiel North uses the same free-flowing format as the other Protospiel events. There are no schedules, formal structure, or timeslots for specific playtests. Designers and playtesters simply grab a table and play games. The event works on the premise of getting everyone's games to the table and collaboratively working to make better games and better designers.

Learn more about Protospiel events from the Tabletop.Events Protospiel page.


Tabletop.Events unfortunately does not support foreign currency. Therefore all prices are in USD instead of CAD.

Designer Badge - $35 USD ($50 CAD approximately)

Playtester Badge - $5 USD ($7 CAD approximately)

All badges include access to the convention on both Saturday and Sunday.





Please feel free to add pictures and descriptions of the prototypes you plan to bring to the convention by selecting "Attend" at the top left and choosing "Prototypes" from the dropdown menu. On that same screen you can see all prototypes already added and let a designer know that you're interested in trying out their game at the event.


Free parking is available under Beverley Halls and across Cecil street behind the United Steelworkers building. If you park behind the United Steelworkers building make sure to grab a parking pass from the registration desk to put on your dash. Passes are limited so plan accordingly.

Policies and Code of Conduct

Please visit the following page for a copy of the Protospiel Policies and Code of Conduct.

Protospiel North will be abiding by Canadian law and it is worth noting that although there is a bar at Beverley Halls it will not be open during the event unless requested.