Protospiel MN 2017

The Zombie Clowns of Cryptid Ridge

A dimensional portal has opened inside Cryptid Ridge, allowing horrible Zombie Clowns through to terrorize your neighborhood. Work together to help 6 neighborhood heroes place a cap on the portal.

This is a fully cooperative game and is won or lost by all players together. It consists of alternating “Zombie Clown” and “Hero” Phases until the game is won or lost.

During each Zombie Clown Phase, a series of steps are followed to make the Zombie Clowns spawn, move and attack. During each Hero Phase, players take turns activating and completing actions with the Heroes.

The players win the game if the Heroes prepare the Portal Cap and deliver it to the Portal cave tile. The players lose the game if too many heroes die or if the Zombie Clowns are able to attack the heroes' HQ.

Designer Matt Worden
Development Status New
Expected Play Time 60 minutes
Number of Players 1 to 6
Intended Audience Medium
Interest Level {{}} players

Interested Players
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