Protospiel MN 2017


Set in 1820s America, players are members of Abbottsville, a small village recently formed in the near west. This is a resource gathering, market-trading, expanding-map, pick-up-and-deliver game.

In 1827, William Taylor Abbott and his wife, Helen, set out from the civilized living of the mid-Atlantic coast to find land in the unsettled west. A few dozen others joined them, each seeking their own new adventure.

After a few months of westward wandering, the group came upon a beautiful and fertile expanse of grasslands, dotted with lakes and woods. Abbott immediately fell in love with the land, and the new village of Abbottsville was formed.

Now, Abbott is looking to turn the village over to a new leader. So, he is organizing 2-person teams to explore the surrounding lands, defend against the predators that roam there, and gather goods to provide for the village. The person with the best reputation based on these factors will become the new village leader.

Designer Matt Worden
Development Status Middling
Expected Play Time 90 minutes
Number of Players 2 to 6
Intended Audience Medium
Interest Level {{}} players

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