COVID-19 Vaccination Required To Attend

Protospiel Madison 2021 will be an in-person convention. The only reason we will be holding it in person is that every indication says that anybody who wants a vaccine will be able to have a vaccine by late summer or early fall, which is several months before Protospiel Madison.

CDC guidelines state that vaccinated persons can gather so long as they are all vaccinated. Therefore, we will be requiring all attendees to be vaccinated. Anyone who has not been vaccinated will be turned away without refund.

You will be required to bring proof of vaccination to pick up your badge at the door, so when you get vaccinated save that slip of paper or card. Forgetting to bring proof will result in you being turned away at the door without refund.

If you cannot be vaccinated for any reason you cannot attend as it is probably unsafe for you to attend.

You are welcome to wear a mask at Protospiel Madison, but it will not be required, because all attendees are required to be vaccinated.

We will have a supply of KN95 disposable masks and plenty of hand sanitizer available for anyone that needs either. However, because we are requiring that all attendees be vaccinated social distancing will not be enforced.

Hopefully by 2022 things will be in a better place and we won't need these kinds of restrictions.

As with all things during the pandemic, all of this is subject to change as conditions change and new guidance is issued by the City of Madison, the state of Wisconsin, and the Federal government. We will post the date of the latest changes to this document on this page.

Last Change: March 12, 2021