Thursday, November 29, 2018

Crafter Con is our very own game design convention. Its focus is on education to make you a better game designer. It features a track of seminars and workshops with industry experts. As well as a play testing room where you can work out some kinks with other designers 1 on 1.


Time Title Presenter
8am Registration opens
9am TBA
10am TBA
11am TBA
Noon Lunch break On your own
1:30pm TBA
2:30pm TBA
3:30pm How games are sold at FLGS Redux Bryan Winter
4:30pm TBA
5:30pm Component Studio Unleashed Part 2 JT Smith
6:30pm Dinner break On your own
8pm Sound advice for improving your audio Part 2 Jeff King
9pm The Official Game Crafter Podcast: Live Jeff and JT

During the main schedule, there will also be a separate room open and set up for play testing. So if you are not interested in one of the seminars or workshops you always have something to do. This room will remain open until midnight.

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Session Descriptions

This is the list of sessions available at Crafter Con 2018.

How games are sold at FLGS Redux

What should go on the box? What themes do well and what doesn’t? What’s a good length of play or number of players to sell at your store? Should you write your own rule book? What do retailers expect from Kickstarted games? All these questions and more will be answered.

This was our most popular session last year so we invited Bryan back to offer even more insights.

Bryan Winter is the owner of the friendly local game store I'm Board, one of the most popular games stores in the midwest.

Component Studio Unleashed Part 2

This session will show you how to get the most out of Component Studio from the guy who invented it.

This session assumes you have already used Component Studio. We're going to start right off with advanced topics.

JT Smith is the creator of The Game Crafter and the designer of The Captain is Dead.

Sound advice for improving your audio Part 2

Whether it's a How To Play video, your Kickstarter video, or a podcast; you want to get your message out there and be heard. But even in a visual medium like videos poor audio is consistently pointed to as the reason people will stop listening to your message.

This session will pick up where Jeff left off last year. He'll be demonstrating what you can get out of software and hardware.

Jeff King is a podcast producer and editor for several podcasts, including The Game Crafter Official Podcast and works as a professional voiceover talent.

The Official Game Crafter Podcast: Live

JT & Jeff will record an episode of The Official Game Crafter Podcast with a live studio audience, for only the third time in over 200 episodes. It will be an interactive experience, so be sure to come join in with the audience.