Sabotage the competition to fill your purchase orders before they can. Use your dispatchers to scout cargo ships, your tugboats to bring them in and instant sabotage actions to out smart your friends!

Take control of a small shipping corporation doing anything it can to crawl its way to the top. In this exciting harbor-sabotaging action, you need to be the first corporation to complete your purchase orders. Using your three underlings you will scout for cargo, bring in ships to your dock, and, most importantly, sabotage your competition. You will need to find the right balance of knocking down the competition while pushing yourself closer to victory! Will you sabotage the right player? With random cargo and sabotage cards, no game will ever be the same. Games take less than 30 minutes to play, so be sure to add this to your game night rotation!

Designer David Schupbach
Development Status Nearing Completion
Expected Play Time 30 minutes
Number of Players 2 to 4
Intended Audience Casual
Interest Level {{}} players

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