Protospiel Madison 2016


The Archwizard is dead, and the title must be passed on. Two to six wizards must battle to become the new Archwizard in a take-that game of strategy, backstabbing, elimination, and deduction.

Players assume the roles of old wizards that muster all of their power in an epic battle to determine the new Archwizard. Each wizard has an elemental specialty, but need not reveal it until he is ready.

Elements include: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life, and Death. Each element is represented by a unique color; 36 dice grant special tricks each turn/round. Each wizard has an affinity for an element and if revealed, may use their element's ability every turn. Players also have spell cards that can be evoked when they have the proper combination of enchanted elements. Spells really speed up the game because they are generally very powerful and automatically cast each turn.

Dice are drafted (initially) from a central pool to build an arsenal for each wizard. The dice begin as lifeless versions of their respective elements... until the wizard enchants them. Once enchanted, elements can be used each round to blast, disenchant, steal, defend, heal, or destroy. Goal is to eliminate all other wizards' dice (elements) from their control.

Designer Ryan Ziegler
Development Status Middling
Expected Play Time 30 minutes
Number of Players 2 to 6
Intended Audience Casual
Interest Level {{}} players

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