PPG Con 2023 (Gaming At Its Peak)

Card Game Corner

There have been some amazing new designs in trick taking and other card games over the past few years. Come and learn some obscure games such as Schadenfreude, Kings Tricktakers, Twinkle Starship, Nana, Inside Job, Maskmen etc

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Schadenfreude - You want to win tricks, but not too many, and you definitely want to make your opponent suffer.

Kings Tricktakers - Variable player powers, drafting special abilities, and cute cuddly animals.

Twinkle Starship - Don't like the cards in your hand? Change their numbers, but watch out it will also change your bid.

Nana - A memory game with just a hint of deduction, and way too much laughter.

Inside Job - It's as if The Crew and Werewolf had a baby!

Maskmen - In the world of Luchador wrestling the cards have no ranking until they step into the ring.

Potato Man - What do you mean I'm not allowed to follow suit!?

Stitch Meister - How can I know the rules if you keep changing them?

Voltreffer - Spend your victory points to buy the cards you need to hit the target.