NEA Game Fest 2021

Play and Win winners are listed below.

Games much be picked up by 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct 17, at the Convention Center.

Barenpark - Dawn Osborn

Battle Line: Medieval - Chloe Fox

Big Easy Busking - Deejay Fox

Bosk - Brad Anderson

Codenames: Duet - Terry Riney

Cover Your Kingdom - Heather Grigsby

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - Tanya Schein

CrossTalk - Chase Riney

The Deadlies - Kahlan Riney

Dealt! - Shala Riney

Fire in the Library - Aidan Howard

Funkoverse: Jaws - Kristy Grigsby

Hero Realms - Todd Williams

The Isle of Cats - Matthew Edgerton

JAVA - Terry Riney

Keypur - Dawn Osborn

Knit Wit - Shane Lerma

LLAMA - Shala Riney

The Lost Ruins of Arnak - Jason Bolding

Mondrian Blocks - Susannah Dethrow

Mondrian Blocks - Stacy Fox

The Networks - John Grisham

The Night Gage - Tayen Barbee

Ninjitsu! - Kristy Grigsby

Oh, My Cabbages! - Stacy Fox

Once Upon a Castle - Sophia Anderson

Orleans - Mike Dethrow

Project L - Rod Kuizin

Ravnica: Inquisition - Ikwal Hira

Red Dragon Inn - Jim Essman

Red Rising - Susannah Dethrow

Saboteur - Charisma Mitchell

Santorini - Aidan Howard

Skull King - Mike Dethrow

Star Realms - Heather Monnig

Star Wars: Legion - Gabriel Coots

Super Mario Labyrinth - Kahlan Riney

Tea Dragon Society - Chloe Fox

Ticket to Ride: Europe - Deejay Fox

Village Pillage - Ikwal Hira

Welcome to Centerville - Mike Anglin

Welcome to Sysifus Corp - Ashley Farley