MystaraCon 2021

MystaraCon 2021


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Welcome to MystaraCon 2021, the first all-online Mystara-focused convention.


Registration is open for MystaraCon 2021

There's a limited number of "early bird" badges at a discount, but not many of them! Once you are registered for the convention, you can then register for any events for free.

Key Items to Consider:

  1. GMs, DO NOT buy a badge. I am creating yours tonight.

  2. You may not 'double-book' yourself for simultaneous events.

  3. The panels / seminars will be streamed through YouTube using UNLISTED links. DO NOT share these links, as we want the live version of the panel to be limited to those who paid for their convention badges. After MystaraCon is complete, we will make the recording public for others to watch. (there are some events that are Discord-only and not streamed at all; they are noted in their descriptions)

  4. The Discord server is for convention badge-holders only. Do not share that server link with anyone who is not a badge-holder.

  5. It is the player's responsibility to connect with the DM on the DM's platform of choice for their game events. Please double-check the platform before registering for any events.

  6. There have been a few updates to the schedule; the schedule at is ALWAYS the authoritative one

  7. There will be updates to the 'table names' in Discord in the next 24 hours as we update them to match the DM's names.


The Armchair Dragoons are pleased to announce MystaraCon 2021, an all-digital convention focused on the old TSR game world of Mystara, first introduced in the venerable X1 module The Isle of Dread.


This 3-day online convention will be held 19-21 November, and will operate almost ’round-the-clock, given the worldwide appeal of Mystara and the virtual nature of an online convention.


Mystara-focused game sessions, classic modules, panel discussions, and open happy hour discussions will happen around the clock as we celebrate one of the best, and most under-appreciated of all the D&D game worlds. In addition to access to the convention Discord server, we will also have a variety of ‘door prizes’ for random participants, as well.


Please note that there are a limited number of early-bird badges available for the first registrants to jump on board. In addition to a discount on the badge cost, they also have a small window for event registration ahead of the general public.


The "home base" of the convention is our Discord server. Access is granted to badge-holders only. While panel discussions and talk shows will be more openly broadcast through YouTube, game events are limited to registered participants and will be connected through our Discord server.

Registration for the convention will get you access to as many events as will fit into your schedule (no overlapping events!); access to the Discord server where we will have all sorts of casual chat, trivia, polls, and more; entry into random drawings for door prizes; and access to the live YouTube panel presentations / broadcasts.

Support for the convention will also help demonstrate support for the Mystara game world as a whole, in the hopes that some future official support might be made available.


Please note that this is the first attempt at an online convention for Mystara, so while there's quite a bit of organizational lessons already learned, trying to fully gauge the interest in panels vs game sessions, home-brew vs module content, which rule systems, etc is ongoing and evolving.