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Okay folks let's do this again!

This year's convention will be held on February 11th, 2023, the weekend before Valentines again. It's going to be cold outside and why trek to an in-person convention when you can play from the confines of your home! We have a new venue this year that we think you will enjoy even more. Just like in previous years, you buy the badge to get into the con and all the events are free to enjoy - but sign up so we get a head count!

We are reverting back to a single day convention to put less stress on our convention Elves. Those weekend cons can be a bit of a headache. Murder Hobo Con 3 will again be a charity event with all the proceeds (after the bills are paid) going to a charity to be named soon.

At this time, we are looking for people interested in running an event or two to help out. There is no theme, so any scenario/setting is applicable for submission. If interested, please add your idea so we can get the schedule in place for participants!

If you are a vendor, you are more than welcome to setup a shop in our venue. Just like always, any sales are yours...we do not take a "cut" of your earnings! Please contact us for more details.