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Murder Hobo Con


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We're doin' it again!

Our first convention was a blast and we’re going to double the fun as we double the days! Join us for our second charity convention Valentine’s Day Weekend, February 12th & 13th, as we set sails for an archipelago adventure. Explore the sunny coast and many islands of our virtual venue and slip into a world filled with amazing events and secrets to discover. Bookmark our site today and get ready to register for two days of gaming fun!

What is Murder Hobo Con?

MHC is a two-day, virtual RPG convention filled to the brim with games, live entertainment, vendors, artists, seminars, and more! Join players from around the world in our virtual world hosted on Topia, a fantastic venue that gives you a true convention experience no matter where you log in. The best part is, beyond the exciting lineup of events, a portion of badge fees will directly benefit Oceana, an international charity dedicated to protecting our oceans.

What exactly is a ‘Murder Hobo?’

Good question! A ‘Murder Hobo’ is a tongue-in-cheek expression within the tabletop roleplaying game community referring to players who take extreme solutions to solving a problem. For us, it refers to our good-hearted passion for organizing fun gaming events and to support charity. Our chosen charity in 2021 was the American Cancer Society and this year our charity partner is Oceana. Oceana's mission is to "make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were," and with your support we can make it happen!

How can I get involved?

We’re looking for sponsors, vendors, entertainers, and game masters to bring their passion for all things RPGs. Are you an experienced GM looking to run your favorite games? Are you a content creator looking for an opportunity to demo your new game or show off your latest products? Perhaps you’re a mini-painting enthusiast, an RPG historian, or an expert GM who wants to hold a workshop? We want you to come to MHC and showcase your talents. Sign up to run events or contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. Together we will host a world-class event and maximize our impact for charity.

I want to host an event!

We are always looking for a wide variety of interests in our hobby be it games, seminars, playtesting, demos, and learning opportunities. As a charity event, we are always looking for help to run the convention and that means you would be a great addition to our team. Look for the "Submit Events" button towards the upper right of this page.

If you love hosting events then we'd love to show our appreciation with badge discounts! If you run four hours worth of events you will receive 25% off your badge, for eight hours 50%, and twelve or more hours of events will be a whopping 75% off! Once your event(s) have been approved, you'll be sent a link to the proper badge registration for any discounts.

Please see our code of conduct and make sure your events conform to them!

For our international attendees, below is a timetable as a quick reference for finding events that fit into your time zone best.