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MEPACON Online Game Day (July 2020)

We felt our last online event was pretty successful, and a lot of fun for our attendees, so we're going to do it again. Register here on our site if you want to donate some money to help us and Tabletop Events weather the storm that is COVID-19. If the fee is a hardship, then always feel free to contact the registration admin team at If you're not interested in attending, but feel like helping out, you can still buy a booster badge, and we always appreciate a Donation. Visit our Square Store to make one.

General Information and Social Media

The MEPACON website has a full list of information.

You can stay up to date on the latest Con news on our Facebook Page.

Follow @MEPACON on Twitter.

GM Information

We are always looking for GMs. A GM who runs 4 or more hours of games is eligible for a free badge.

Those wishing to judge for organized campaigns (Pathfinder, D&D Adventurers League, Greyhawk Reborn, Shadowrun, etc.) should email our Director of Gaming, Erik Zane at He will put you in touch with the appropriate group lead.

Sign up on our mailing list (

Registration Dates

Registration, game submissions, and ticket sales are open now. Game registration will close on July 9, 2020 at 11:59 EDT.

Full refunds will be available up until 11:59 EDT on July 9, 2020. Please contact with any registration questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Gaming begins at 8 AM on Saturday!

Code of Conduct

MEPACON wants you to have a great convention. Please be aware of our Code of Conduct.