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Bethlehem, PA

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SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western

300 Gateway Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18017, USA

Time zone: America/New_York (UTC {{ '2023-04-14 16:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})

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Web Site

(610) 866-5800

SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western

300 Gateway Dr., Bethlehem, PA.

Hotel features:

  • Right off of Route 22
  • Restaurant on site
  • Food delivery services available
  • FREE parking!
  • Better handicapped accessibility
  • No change in our hours of operation, just a new space
  • Recently renovated rooms
  • $109.99 per night for hotel rooms, with free breakfast
  • Pet friendly
  • Free Wifi
  • Greater number of gaming spaces

To book rooms, you can click this link, call the front desk right now at (610) 866-5800 and tell them you’re with MEPACON to reserve your room. We are working on an online code, but in the meantime, you can book directly with the front desk.


MEPACON is literally an amazingly fun time!

Join us in celebrating your, and our, favorite Literary Legends (Author? Character? Setting? ¿Por qué no los tres?) at our 44th convention.

General Information and Social Media

The MEPACON website has a full list of information.

You can stay up to date on the latest Con news on our Facebook Page. We also have a Discord server, where you can virtually congregate with your MEPACON family.

Follow @MEPACON on Twitter.

GM Information

We are always looking for GMs to run games at our convention. GMs who run 12 or more hours of games are eligible for a free badge and a T-shirt.

Those wishing to judge for organized campaigns (Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, D&D Adventurers League, Shadowrun, etc.) and miniatures games (Star Wars, Star Trek, BattleTech, etc.), email our Director of Gaming, Erik Zane at

Those wishing to GM a round of Artemis, contact Amanda Shafer at

Sign up on our mailing list (

Registration Dates

Game submission, and player registration is open now until midnight Thursday, April 6, 2023. We'll use the time between closing online reg to formalize badge and event sheet printing. Full weekend badges can be bought at the door for $65.

Ticket sales for early-bird badge purchasers and Patreon patrons of the appropriate tiers will open at noon on Friday, February 17, 2023. Ticket sales for all other badge holders will open at noon on Friday, March 3, 2023.

Full refunds will be available up until midnight Thursday, April 13, 2023. After that time, we will gladly roll badges over to a future convention. Please contact with any registration questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Gaming begins at 2 PM on Friday!

Code of Conduct/COVID-19 Policy

MEPACON wants you to have a great convention. However, purchasing a badge or registering to run games means that you have read, and have accepted, both our Code of Conduct, and our COVID-19 policy. Not following the Code of Conduct or our COVID-19 policy can result in removal from the convention, without refund.