MayDay! Traveller Online 2023

Code of Conduct:

General Note: If you need to locate/talk to a MayDay! Celebration staff member, for any reason, look for the staff under "MD-<name>" in Discord.

GENERAL MISBEHAVIOR: MayDay! Celebration believes that attendees should experience a celebration free of harassment. This applies to all attendees, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, physical appearance, disability, body size or other identifying factor. Harassment, whether from attendees, staff, volunteers, exhibitors, guests or any others associated with the celebration will not be tolerated.

What do we consider harassment?

-- Deliberate intimidation (gaming trash talk that threatens or disparages another)

-- Stalking

-- Body or gender policing

-- Verbal comments, texting or imagery that demonstrates harmful or oppressive intent towards a specific group or individual.

-- Unwelcome photography or recording (ask permission first)

-- Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual attention

-- Persistent disruption of talks or events.

-- Responding to harassment

-- MayDay! Celebration participants who experience or witness harassment are asked to report it to a MayDay! Celebration staff member immediately under "MD-<name>" on Discord.

-- Attendees who are asked to stop any behavior identified as harassment are expected to comply immediately with the request to stop the behavior. Those who refuse to comply or commit repeat offenses are subject to ejection from the celebration event without refund, and banned from the MayDay Discord server.

-- All attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, vendors and exhibitors and any other persons associated with the celebration agree to uphold this policy.

Respect to others: Gaming is an inclusive hobby, and MayDay! Celebration is open to all who uphold a culture of respect towards their fellow guests. We ask everyone to be mutually accountable, in order to maintain a healthy and enjoyable celebration for all.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact us at virtualtravellercon [at] gmail [dot] com.