Saturday December 5 - 2020

Point of Contact Jon Russell

1000 point three TWO HOUR rounds

No special characters

Sign in at 0900 to 0930

First round 1000 - 1200

Lunch 1200 - 1300

Second Round 1300 - 1500

Last Round 1600 - 1800

Results 1830...<about>



Players will use a 1,000-requisition point force. The force may consist of a maximum of ONE Reinforced Platoons and no more than 18 order dice. No tank Platoons, No Special Characters, No Planes.

This will be a Nijmegen Themed Event; players are encouraged but not limited to build list with an all infantry theme. Players may add vehicles, tanks and/or anything with a motor, but if it is motorized it will have the “Fuel Shortage” special rule add to it.

The platoons in the force must be selected using the army list section of the main rule book, one of the Armies of xxxx books, or an Approved Generic list of a minor country that does not have an Armies of xxxx book. All list must be a generic platoon, No theater list.

Approved books:

Armies of Armies of Germany, V2
Armies of United States
Armies of Great Britain
Armies of the Soviet Union
Armies of Imperial Japan
Armies of France and the Allies
Armies of Italy and the Axis
Approved Generic list for Nations without a book:
Australian Reinforced Platoon
Chinese (Communist) Reinforced Platoon
Chinese (Nationalist) Reinforced Platoon
Chinese (Warlord) Reinforced Platoon
French Late-War Reinforced Platoon


2hr30min Rounds. The players must finish the current turn, and then the game ends automatically.


The players must have copies of their army list, Army list are due 25 NOVEMEBER 20. 1 bonus TP for early list submissions. List submissions will be submitted by sending to


Victory is calculated as described in the Scenarios being played and Tournament points are awarded for victories, defeats and draws as shown below: Result Tournament Points

Victory/Loss 20 TP / 0 TP

Draw 10 TP / 10 TP

From the second round, players will be paired using a Swiss system (i.e. matching players on the same number of TPs, in descending order).


The winner is determined at the end of the last round, according to the following criteria: •The player with the most TP will be the winner. • In case of same TP at the top, the winner will be the player with the highest Casualty points total. • Sportsmanship, Painting, and theme will also factor into a separate overall score.

For any questions email Jon Russell