Impossible Realities Damage Control (Hybrid Con)

Forms of Possible GM/Player Communications

Issues of Online Gaming Convention Communications

-- Many GMs choose to send out scenario backgrounds and pregen characters for their players to read before their games. If a GM includes the text 'CHECK-IN REQUIRED' in the game description, players will be required to e-mail the GM more than 24h prior to the game's start time to confirm they've read their packet.

-- If at any time IR Staff are informed that a player has not responded to Gamemaster or IR Staff communications by 24 hours prior to the event start time, the player in question will lose his/her/their space and it will be passed to the next available player on the waitlist.

GM's, you can communicate to your players through your event. See image below:


Player's, you can communicate to your GM's through your event signup. See image below:


New Discord Feature - Public Threads

Another option on the IR Discord server is to use the new public threads in discord just prior to the online conventions. GMs can add players to these threads and communicate this way as well.

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