Impossible Realities A Snowed Inn Gameday (ONLINE)

Impossible Realities A Snowed Inn Gameday (ONLINE)


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Impossible Realities A Snowed Inn Gameday (ONLINE)

"BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!, It's freaking cold out there!", said someone at some-point who was looking to game for a day.

Welcome to the COLDEST ONLINE GAMEDAY. The difference about this offering is that it will be ONLINE & FREEZING COLD (grab your ear muffs and touques). Discord will be used as the main engine for communication as always. This is mandatory so we can organize the con and keep DM's on time so the next group can use their respective slots. You can join via this link HERE.

We will be looking for GM's to offer role playing, card games, board games, and any other table top options avaiable for ONLINE play. Please use the new schedule system SUBMISSION BUTTON button in the right-hand side of this page. Please see event time slots below.

Please try and schedule games in the assigned time blocks, some exceptions will be allowed as we need to keep online play spaces going and organized. We are based in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST). If it is 6PM CST, then it is 7PM EST, and 8PM AST as an example.

Everyone that attends agrees to the Code of Conduct found HERE.

ONLINE Timeframes (Atlantic Time Zone):

Day Timeframe Total Gaming Hours Available
Bbbrrr It's Cold, Let Me Inn! (Fri) 18:00-23:45 (~6 hours)
Bbbrrr It's Cold, Let Me Inn! (Sat) 00:00-23:45 (~24 hours)

Proposed Timeslots (Atlantic Time Zone):

Day Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Bbbrrr It's Cold, Let Me Inn! (Fri) 18:00-22:00 Free for ALL Free for ALL
Bbbrrr It's Cold, Let Me Inn! (Sat) 09:00-13:00 14:00-18:00 19:00-23:00

**Feel free to schedule games in the wee morning (the coldest hours) of Saturday from 00:00-09:00, the sane ones will be sleeping and trying to stay warm!


Door Badge Approximate $ (CAD) Approximate $ (USD)
IR Virtual Days $5.25 (with fees) $3.50 (with fees)
The payment system for Badges uses USD for credit card charges. Approximate conversion listed on Badge purchase with a small system access fee.

NOTE: The only way Refunds are only available, are through PayPal. No exceptions. We are based in Canada and cross border refunds are EXPENSIVE. You must have a valid PayPal email address.