Southern Nationals - Flames of War

This is the Southern Nationals Flames of War Early War tournament. There will be room for 40 players.

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SOUTHERN NATIONALS EARLY WAR TOURNAMENT Hurricon 2018, Orlando Florida, September 29, 2018

Gentlemen (and ladies),

This is an Early War tournament. It is an open format, so all lists from the legal sources are welcome.


What: 40 player, 4 rounds on Saturday 2 hours per round Era: Early War Point Level: 1250 points

Tournament Organizer - Rick Parrish -



Welcome and Briefing: 0800 - 0900 (Outside Ballroom) Round 1: Basic Mission 0900 - 1100 Break 1100 - 1130 Round 2: More Mission 1130 - 1330 Break 1330 - 1430 Round 3: Basic Mission 1430 - 1630 Break 1630 - 1700 Round 4: Random Mission (straight swiss)1700 - 1900

Awards Presentation 1900 – 1930


• All armies must be fully painted. Any miniatures not fully painted will be pulled from the table prior to starting the tournament.

• Missions will be selected randomly immediately before each round, any mission will only be played once in the tournament. The first and third rounds will be played with one of the “basic” first six missions in the book. The second mission will be from the “more missions” area. The final mission will be random from any remaining unplayed missions.

• Players are responsible for monitoring the time and the judges will announce time intervals throughout the tournament. A true act of sportsmanship is not starting a new turn if both players will not be able to finish that turn. The game should be called if both players cannot finish their turn and the results should be calculated.

• We will have only 2 hours per round so slow play will be actively discouraged, repeated offenses may result in loss of points or forfeited matches. This is a Nationals competition, if you cannot play a game to completion due to size/compliment or familiarity with your army, you might want to revisit your choice. Most players should be able to complete their turns within 10-15 minutes.

• Painting Competition: Any players that wish their armies to be considered for the best painted competition will stage them at the first lunch break in the designated area with a name plate on the display. All models in the army must be from Battlefront Miniatures.

• When time is called the game must immediately end regardless of the action taking place in the game. New turns cannot be started even if starting a new turn would award an immediate victory or cause a player to make a company morale check.

• Unit histories are not necessary.

• Army lists must be submitted to (Third Party army list creation sites (i.e., Easy Army, Army Builder) may be used as well as the generic army list excel spreadsheet located on the Flames of War website. All lists must include the following information: o Player's full name o Player's email address o Club name (if applicable) o Army list being used (For example: Tank Company) o Book or website reference (For example: Overlord) o Type of company (Tank, mechanized, infantry)

Attacker / Defender

Attacker and defender will be determined by referencing the mobility value listed below: Infantry, man packed guns, and gun platoons = mobility 0 Half tracked and wheeled platoons = mobility 1 Fully tracked vehicle platoons = mobility 2 Add the mobility value of your platoons together, the player with the highest number is the attacker.

V4 Early War Please refer to the following list of books:

All Version 3 Early War books and PDFs are to be used in conjunction with the Version 4 rulebook. When: September 29, 2018 starting at 0900

Where: Park Inn by Radisson Resort & Conference Center Orlando 3011 Maingate Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34747

How Much: Entry fee is included in the convention admission price.

List Deadline: 11:59 PM Saturday, September 22rd Bid Deadline: 11:59 PM Friday, September 28th

Where to send: Tournament organizer: Rick Parrish

There will be prices for: Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place Best Painted Best Sportsman

TOURNAMENT SCORING We will be using a simple software spreadsheet with the Version 4 points and here is the scoring breakdown we will use for the 2018 Nationals:

• Scoring Breakdown o Generalship: 80% o Sportsmanship 20% • Draw Match-ups Ranking • Victory Points then Wins

Awards: Here is a list of the awards that will be presented • Champion • 2nd Place • 3rd Place • Sportsman • Best Painted

Tiebreakers: In case of a tie all tiebreakers use the following order to determine a winner 1. Generalship 2. Number of wins 3. Sporting 4. Strength of schedule 5. Favorite Opponent votes 6. Rock, scissors, paper (Best 2 out of 3)!