Virtual Harvest Gaming 2022

Virtual Harvest Gaming 2022


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Furiously Eclectic People's

Harvest Gaming 2022


This is our third Harvest Gaming held on our Discord server.

Generally things should be Halloween/Harvest themed but there is no hard and fast rule so any game can be submitted.

Games that have done well in the past but we're not limited to, are Far Away Land (modern-horror), Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Original Dungeons & Dragons. Would be good to see Mork Borg make an appearance as well.

Gamemasters must provide pregens unless making a character is an actual part of the game. If you are an exception, make sure it's clear in your description that you are making characters during the game session.

A badge gets you access to all the games you can play. There is no extra cost for game tickets. GMs do not need to purchase a badge to submit and run a game.

Games are hosted on our Discord server. Join the Furiously Eclectic People Discord Server!

Artwork shown is by Kevin Davies.