GenghisCon 2024

Apply to Exhibit and/or Sponsor

Dear Prospective Exhibitors and Sponsors,

Thank you for your interest in participating as an exhibitor or sponsor at GenghisCon. We highly value your involvement in helping us create a memorable experience for all attendees. To ensure we provide the best possible experience for both exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees, we kindly ask you to complete the application with meticulous detail about your business or organization. This information not only helps us evaluate your suitability but also assists attendees in budgeting for their visit.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind as you apply:

Detailed Application: Please provide as much information as possible about your business or organization. Your thoroughness allows us to better understand your offerings and how they align with our event.

High-Resolution Logo: A high-resolution logo is a crucial element of your application. It helps us feature your brand effectively and maintain visual quality in our promotional materials.

Selective Process: While we appreciate the overwhelming response from potential exhibitors and sponsors, please note that not all applicants will be selected and approved. This careful selection process aims to minimize competition between exhibitors and sponsors offering similar products or services. It's not a "first-come, first-served" process. We review all new applications thoughtfully to ensure your success and cater to the desires of our attendees.

Unique Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunities: We strive to maintain a diverse array of exhibitors and sponsors to enhance your exposure and success. Each exhibitor booth and sponsor opportunity is exclusive to your business or organization and non-transferable. Any unauthorized transfers will result in the forfeiture of your booth rental fee or sponsorship with no refund.

Artist Alley Option: If you're just starting in the games and associated wares market, you might consider a table in the Artist Alley as a platform to test your ideas and engage with our creative community.

Game Design Submission: If your aim is to showcase your game design to as many people as possible, please utilize the HOST function on our main page to submit your games.

We appreciate your interest and dedication to making GenghisCon a fantastic event. Your participation is essential in building our community through play. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for considering joining us, and we look forward to potentially welcoming you as a valued exhibitor or sponsor at GenghisCon!

Warm regards,

The GenghisCon Team

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