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London, Ontario

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London Convention Centre

300 York St, London, ON N6B 1P8, Canada

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(519) 661-6200

Friday, Sept. 21st = Forwell Hall, Fanshawe College Main Campus

Saturday, Sept. 22 = London Convention Centre, Day of Convention

Sunday, Sept. 23rd = Forwell Hall, Fanshawe College Main Campus

Well met wary traveller,

It is that time of the season when adventurers new and old make the journey to the Forest City in search of adventure, old friends and a chance to walk the market lanes. However, this will not be like the previous years for this year the celebration shall last a mighty three days!

Will you delve deep into the mysteries and intrigue happening in Waterdeep? Or will you travel to the newly discovered village of Estirwald near the shores of the Moonsea for its annual Harvest festival? Perhaps you will investigate the appearance of a mighty wizards abode?

I will be keeping a keen eye on you,

Fare thee well, adventurer.

Randel Malark Ambledragon, Archwizard of the Tower of the Treebound

Welcome Everyone,

Please use this site to get your free registration badge to RPG events at the 2018 Forest City ComiCon. Note: this registration is not a convention ticket (which is required to access these events). A convention ticket can be purchased here: Visitor Info - Forest City Comicon

Individual games are now listed and the seat's up for grabs. Please note that further games will be run and arranged to be ready for walk in play.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to say that for 2018 there will RPG games being played both on the Friday before and the Sunday after the Forest City Comicon using space donated to us by Fanshawe College at the Main Campus in Forwell Hall.

  • Friday Sept 21, 6pm to 10pm (Fanshawe)
  • Saturday Sept 22, 11am to 11pm (Convention Centre)
  • Sunday Sept 23, 10am to 6pm (Fanshawe)

This year we are happy to announce the line up of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League content:

  • DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep (T1)
  • DDAL08-01 The Map with No Names (T1)
  • DDAL08-02 Beneath the City of the Dead (T1)
  • DDAL08-03 Dock Ward Double Cross (T1)
  • Curtain Call: A Sharn Adventure (T1)

  • D&D Epic: DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone - Charity Event (T1-2)

  • D&D Epic: DDEP00-01 The Red War ((T1-4)

And specially made for Forest City Comicon 2018 by some of our own local writers and approved into D&D Adventurers League!!

  • CCC-FC3-01-01 Highharvestide in Estirwald (T1)
  • CCC-FC3-01-02 Corruption of the Elder Oak (T2)
  • CCC-FC3-01-03 The Fun House (T3)

We also have collected offerings from other systems including

  • Pathfinder
  • Shadowrun
  • Mouse Guard
  • After Ragnarok