FallCon 35


Badges Available At the Door CREDIT CASH
Adult Weekend $60.00 $78.00
Adult Saturday $33.00 $45.00
Adult Friday or Sunday $27.00 $35.00
Youth (13-17) Weekend $16.00 $20.00
Youth (13-17) - Saturday $12.00 $15.00
Youth (13-17) - Friday or Sunday $ 5.00 $ 7.00
Child (0-12) FREE* FREE*
*(Must be accompanied by an Adult)

Note: Canadian cash will be accepted at the door; credit card transactions will be in USD.

The Tabletop Events software does not yet support CAD pricing. Thank you for your understanding!

Admission Terms

COVID Safety Protocols (as of June 1,2022)

Proof of Vaccination is not required to attend FallCon35, in alignment with current City and provincial regulations. However, COVID is a contagious disease that continues to circulate in the community, resulting in serious symptoms for some. Attendees are encouraged to wear a snug-fitting mask covering their nose, mouth and chin. Our COVID-19 protocols may be revised without notice in response to government policy or at the discretion of the FallCon Gaming Society.

Badges and Lanyards

No swapping/lending of badges or lanyards is permitted. Badges should always be visible when seated. Lanyards are colour coded to identify roles, so please continue to use the colour we gave you at registration. Badges are not transferable once checked-in.


All attendees must have a valid FallCon badge. Badges for attendees 12 and under are free, but they must be accompanied by an adult.


All badges are listed and charged in US dollars; only cash on-site purchases will be in Canadian funds. The specialized convention software we use is not yet able to support billing in Canadian funds.

Substitutions and Name Changes

The name on any unused badge may be updated or changed by logging into your TTE account, or at the registration desk onsite.

Give to a Friend

You can buy a badge for someone else and sign them up for events. You can also make it possible for them to sign up for their own events (instead of you doing it on their behalf). They will need their own Tabletop Events account and you must be linked as friends in Tabletop Events. You can then ‘give’ the badge to them from the purchase page or your account page. See Friend Other Tabletop.Events Accounts - Tabletop Events

Refunds and Credits

FallCon 35 badges are non refundable. Your purchase is a commitment to attend. If you are unable to attend, you may request a badge credit toward FallCon 36. Badge credits will be worth 75% of the purchase price. Requests must be in writing and received prior to the end of the Convention (5pm, Sunday August 28, 2022) by emailing info@fallcon.com