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Olympia WA

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Olympia Hotel at Capitol Lake

2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502, USA

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  (360) 943-4000

Let the hotel know you're attending Enfilade 2023 Memorial Day weekend for a discounted room rate. Our discount code is NHM. You may also need to tell them that Enfilade is sponsored by NHMGS.

You can visit the hotel website at https://www.ihg.com/hotels/gb/en/find-hotels/select-roomrate?qDest=Olympia,%20Washington,%20United%20States&qPt=CASH&qCiD=26&qCoD=28&qCiMy=42023&qCoMy=42023&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qRtP=6CBARC&qAAR=6CBARC&qSlH=OLMEP&qAkamaiCC=US&srb_u=1&qExpndSrch=false&qSrt=sAV&qBrs=6c.hi.ex.sb.ul.ic.cp.cw.in.vn.cv.rs.ki.ma.sp.va.sp.re.vx.nd.ii.sx.we.lx&qWch=0&qSmP=0&qRad=30&qRdU=mi&setPMCookies=true&qpMn=0&qLoSe=false

You can also contact the hotel by phone at 1-360-943-4000. Don't forget to give them your event code.

It's 2023 and time to plan for Enfilade. After 2022's convention which could have been themed "A Return to Normalcy," we're looking to build on that success.

In 2023 members chose War in the Desert: From Megiddo to Desert Storm. So make your plans accordingly. Just to be clear, the theme can doesn't specify a desert, so Sahara, Sinai, Gobi or Sonoran, it just doesn't matter.

Convention costs have increased slightly. This only applies to those who purchase t-shirts, and the increase has only increased two bucks. Their cost has increased significantly and unfortunately its one we cannot just absorb.

We are not using the exhibitor function on the website this year, so be sure to contact Bruce Meyer if you are interested in being a vendor for Enfilade 2023