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Loveland, Colorado

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Eagle Campground at Carter Lake

4011 S County Rd 31, Loveland, CO 80537, USA

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Welcome to Druids & Dragons Con 2019!

For the third year, we are running a camping D&D convention in Larimer County, Colorado. Based on how great it was last year, we are returning to Eagle campground at Carter Lake. We'll have plenty of D&D Adventurers League to fill your weekend with.

Unlike most conventions which are located in hotels or game days located in stores, Druids & Dragons Con is located at a campground in Larimer County, Colorado. This gives us the ability to offer the con both in an unusual setting at a lower cost than many conventions.

This year, we are giving more options for reserving campsites. You can get a campsite for different numbers of days depending on how many nights you want to stay. Regardless of how many nights you want to camp with us, you can play every day of the con! The image below summarizes which campsites are available for which date ranges.