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Loveland, Colorado

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Flatiron Reservoir

2060 Flatiron Reservoir Rd, Loveland, CO 80537, USA

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Welcome to Druids & Dragons Con!

This is a camping and D&D Convention located at the Flatirons Reservoir running from the 14th-16th of July. At the event we'll have plenty of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League play to fill your weekend with.

Unlike most conventions which are located in hotels or game days located in stores, Druids & Dragons Con is located at a campground in Larimer County, Colorado. This gives us the ability to offer the con both in an unusual setting at a lower cost than many conventions.

While we are still working on scheduling which events will take place we already know that we will have:

  • The epic, DDEP06-02 Return to White Plume Mountain
  • Author Only Adventures with Robert Adducci
  • The Zhentil Keep Trilogy of Con Created Content
  • Dungeon Delves from "Tales of the Yawning Portal"
  • Season 6 adventures