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Welcome to Dragon Con 2020 Online Games!

In order to sign up for events, you must purchase a USD$2 badge. This single badge fee allows us to use Tabletop Events game management for scheduling our Dragon Con Online events. ALL GAME SESSIONS ARE FREE after buying your badge. Have Fun!

Once you've purchased a badge, you'll be able to sign up for events. Your GM will then communicate with you on the necessary steps to take to prepare for the event (links on where to log in, other methods of communication, etc.)

After buying your badge and you buy/checkout with your Event tickets, please follow this link to join us on the Player Discord Server!

DragonCon RPG Player Discord server


NOTE: Our games run in US EDT timezone. If you need to convert, try using this utility: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

This is the Official Dragoncon Online Gaming Site. For general questions about Dragon Con 2020, here is the Official Website