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Tabletop Collaborative - Cincinnati


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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Clifton Court Hall

2800 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45221, USA

Time zone: America/New_York (UTC {{ '2024-02-02 17:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})

  Driving Directions

Registration and open play will be on the second floor of Clifton Court Hall. All attendees are required to get a badge.

This is an event sponsored by friends of the University of Cincinnati and local publisher Capstone Games with support work provided by . Our topic for this convention is "Whose Tabletop? Identity and Inclusion in Tabletop Gaming."

Welcome to our first Tabletop Collaborative Event- encouraging game design for both designers and students. We intend this event to be gaming incubator in board game, role-playing, and cross media design.

We have a convention policy that mirrors many larger conventions. The basics are: 1. Drugs are bad 2. Don't steal 3. Don't punch or kick people 4. No cheating 5. Don't harass anyone 6. Don't mess with things that aren't yours

Tabletop Collaborative is an experiment between the University of Cincinnati Game Lab, S.H.E., and Board Again Games podcast. Support from Capstone Games, Catastrophe Games,

Publishers and published game designers will be attending and offering some feedback.

Keynote Speakers Include: Carla Kopp (

& Sen-Foong Lim (

with special guest Tim Hutchings (

Our schedule of events:


12:00-5:00 pm On Site Welcome & Registration

1:00-5:00 pm Open Playtesting & Library Access

7:00-10:00 pm Playtest night with Feedback


9:00-11:30 am Breakout Groups Part 1 - Design Challenge Prompts (Room 2140)

11:30 am-12:15 pm Keynote Speaker - Carla Kopp "My Design Fell Off The Rails – Now What?" (Room 1170/Auditorium)

12:30-1:30 pm Break for Lunch

1:30-2:15 pm Q&A Workshop: with Carla Kopp on "Design Going Awry" (Room 2160)

2:30-3:15 pm Adventure Goddesses (Room 2130)

2:30-4:30 pm Breakout Groups - Design Challenges Part 2 (Room 2140)

4:30- 5:15 pm Keynote: Sen-Foong Lim (Room 1170/Auditorium)

5:30-7:00 pm Break for Dinner

7:00- 10:00 pm Open Gaming & Game Library Access (2nd Floor)


10:30 am- 11:15 [Q&A with Arwen of Carboard Time Podcast]( - Room 2160)

10:30am - 12:30 pm Feedback Opportunities/Open Gaming/Library Access (2nd Floor)

1:00 pm- Head Home

Tim Hutchings - Seminars in Room 2150

Generous support provided by:

   The School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies


   The Niehoff Center for Film & Media Studies 


   The Department of Sociology at University of Cincinnati