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Atlanta, GA, USA

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This convention is COMPLETELY ONLINE! (Venue is simply entered for time zone information - US Eastern Daylight Saving Time or UTC-4)


Goodman Games officially announces our second online convention: DCC Days Online!

DCC Days Online is June 11-14 worldwide, and overlaps with DCC Day which is June 13 in stores! You can visit your local game store to pick up exclusive DCC items, and then game with your friends online for four days!


If you enjoyed Cyclops Con, you’ll love DCC Days Online. This con is open to all kinds of Dungeon Crawl Classics games, including DCC, MCC, XCC, DCC Lankhmar, and DCC Dying Earth as well as third-party DCC sub-systems like Dark Trails, Umerica, Star Crawl, Hubris, and others.

Remember, all event times are listed in US Eastern Daylight Saving Time (UTC-4:00)!


Key Dates

Event Submission: Now Open! You do not need a badge to submit events.

Badge Sales: Now Open! Badges will be $5, and events will generally be $4 each or $8 for premiere events.

Event Schedule: The event schedule will be published on Wednesday, May 27.

Event Registration: Opens Monday, June 1. We know you want an exact time! We will confirm that closer in.

Event Submission Now Open

Judges, we ask for your help once more! We would like you to run events for DCC Days Online! Judges who run 2 or more events receive a free badge, and can play free in the same number of sessions that they judge.

Time slots. We will once again have standardized event slots. Unlike Cyclops Con, they will be 4-hour slots with one-hour breaks in between. There are now two staggered tracks of standard time slots. Click here to see our standardized schedule.

Attendees can submit seminars. We hope to hear from gamers and fans who have interesting knowledge to share!

How is event submission different from Cyclops Con?

  • Judges can specify DCC sub-systems in their event submissions. (For example, Star Crawl or Umerica.)
  • Judges can indicate if an event is a playtest for publication. As a player, you may receive playtester credit for participating in such an event.
  • Judges are asked to provide their email address and an alternate contact method, so we can ensure players have a way to find their game.
  • Online gaming platform is a selectable option upon event submission.