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Cyclops Con will happen April 17-19. It’s entirely online, so everybody in the world can participate!


Get ready for Cyclops Con! Brought to you by forces unnameable allied with Goodman Games, Cyclops Con is a celebration of all things Dungeon Crawl Classics. The con is scheduled for April 17-19 and it will take place in the phlogiston! (That's "online" in mortal vernacular.) Everybody in the world can participate!

Watch Cyclops Con Live on Twitch!

Starting Friday at 7PM EST and running through the whole weekend, Cyclops Con will be streamed live to the Goodman Games Twitch channel! Watch DCC games run by name level judges! See our entertaining seminars! And most importantly, have fun! You can see the complete Twitch schedule here.

Convention T-shirt now available for pre-order!

The Cyclops Con T-shirt is now available for pre-order from the Goodman Games online store. Sizes go through 4XL and include Tall options. You can find it here!


Social hours now added!

Cyclops Con will have multiple social hours for attendees to hang out with their online friends and the Goodman Gang! Each of these is a cyclops-themed watering hole. We’ll provide a Zoom link and some fun camaraderie. All you have to do is show up and talk gaming with us! Each happy hour will be held at a different cyclops-themed bar. Pick the one that works for your schedule. Drinks are optional and up to you - we only see what you show us on the screen! Just register for the appropriate event that you plan to attend, and you'll receive the Zoom link before the go-live time.

  • The Cy-Bar, opens Friday at 10PM, Hosts: Joseph Goodman & Stephen Newton 10-10:45
  • Big Eddie’s Eyeball Club, opens Friday 11PM, Hosts: Joseph Goodman & Marc Bruner 11-12
  • Boulder Tossers, opens Saturday 8PM, Hosts: Joseph Goodman, Brendan LaSalle, Terry Olson, & Stephen Newton 8-9

Seminar schedule is now confirmed!

Learn more from the Goodman Gang! Most seminars will also be streamed on Twitch if you don't get a chance for (virtual) front-row tickets.

  • Lankhmar 101, Sat 10-11am, Sat 10-11pm, Sun 6-7pm
  • How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck, Sat 7-8pm
  • The Appendix N Trivia Hour, Sat 8-9pm
  • Top 10 TSR Adventure Modules, Sat 9-10pm
  • Ask Me Anything Harley, Sun 2-3pm
  • DCC College, Sun 3-4pm
  • Ask Me Anything Brendan, Sun 4-5pm
  • What's New With Goodman Games, Sun 5-6pm
  • Ask Me Anything Joseph, Sun 10-11 pm

How do I register for events?

Once you buy a badge, you can register for events! Most RPG events are $4.00. Premiere RPG events run by name-level judges are $8.00. Seminars are free and for the most part will be streamed on Twitch at our channel GoodmanGamesOfficial.

Event Details

  • Times are listed in EASTERN TIME.
  • There is a graphic below that converts the start times into a variety of time zones. Please make sure you are converting to your local time zone when scheduling your game.
  • A variety of online platforms are being used. Judges will message players no later than Wednesday, April 15 with details of how their event will be run.
  • RPG sessions are scheduled in 3-hour blocks with a 1-hour break in between them. The sessions are coordinated, so each session should end with a buffer before the next one begins.
  • If everyone in a game is enjoying it, you are welcome to play on indefinitely past the official end time. After all, there are no physical rooms to limit you! Or trade contact information and continue the game at another time of the group's choosing.
  • Some events may be live-streamed on our Twitch channel. When you register for events, this is indicated in the descriptions.
  • Some events are being run in languages supported by Goodman Games translation partners: German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, etc. Please note the language of the events you register for.

Questions or concerns?

You can email the contact noted on this page, or post to the Cyclops Con sub-forum on our official forums: CYCLOPS CON 2020 - Goodman Games

Event submission is now closed.

We received a staggering amount of submissions in less than a week. Thank you everyone for the incredible response!

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