Crucible X

•Please bring a map and terrain entry if able

•Registration at 9am.

•First round begins at 10am!

•4 rounds (5 if more than 16 players). 1hour 45min rounds, then dice down (another round of scoring occurs). Warnings about time will be given.

•Ties within a game can occur once dice down is called.

•Placings will be determined by strength of schedule then victory points.

•Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

•Painting is not required but encouraged.

•Alternate models are allowed but must be on the correct base size and should be easily identifiable to the opponent (at least have a discussion beforehand).

•The most current banned and restricted list will be used.

•Standard timeline

•Please use Longshanks to register yourself, to help facilitate the gaming experience. Marvel Crisis Protocol at Crucible X. • Event 5456 • Longshanks

•Tentative schedule as followed. Rounds may start early if everyone is ready (thus allowing for longer lunch and finishing early).

1st round: 10-11:45

2nd round: 12-1:45

30 min lunch

3rd round: 2:15-4

4th round: 4:15-6

5th round: 6:15-8 (if more than 16 players)