Coulee Con 2023



Come one, come all to the one and only Coulee Con Cosplay Contest on Sunday August 20th!

We're pre-judging this year!

What is pre-judging?

This year each contestant will have 3-5 minutes to talk to the judges and tell them how their cosplay was made, tell their favorite part of their costume, and do a little skit, up to 1 minute in length! Skits are not required, but are an option for anyone who wants to do one! Children under 12 will be allowed to bring one "helper" (parent, grandparent, favorite sibling, whoever!) into pre-judging with them.

Pre-judging starts at 11:00 am. Please arrive by 12:10 pm to register for the contest and get pre-judged! The Cosplay Contest starts at 1:00 pm sharp!

There will be photos! Please visit Coulee Con Community on Facebook or to view pictures after Coulee Con.


  1. Every contestant must be a registered Coulee Con attendee and follow all Coulee Con Costume policies. These are:

    • No modern military, security, law enforcement, or first responder costumes. Active duty military, however, are welcome to wear their government-issued uniforms

    • Absolutely NO real weapons allowed. Costuming swords made from wood, foam, cardboard, or other crafting materials allowed. All gun props absolutely must have a tip colored in safety orange that is at least one inch wide and clearly visible from ten feet away. All props will be subject to a safety inspection at the entrance. If you are unsure if your weapon prop is acceptable, please email us at

    • You are responsible for your props. Coulee Con will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged props or props used to injure another attendee or damage property.

    • Costumes must be family-friendly. This means that, at minimum, "swimsuit areas" must be covered by clothing. No body paint coverings of such areas will be allowed into the convention.

    • Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols will not be tolerated.

    • If staff deem a costume or prop to be inappropriate, you will be asked to make adjustments. If you refuse to make such adjustments, you will be asked to leave without refund.

    • Use of props to injure, threaten, or abuse staff or attendees or damage property will not be tolerated. These things are crimes! Any props found to have been used for any such activities will be subject to the penalties of the law.

  2. Contestants under the age of 18 must have the consent of a legal guardian. Contestants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  3. Contestants must consent to having their photo taken and displayed on Coulee Con’s website, social media, and promotional materials.

  4. No flashpots, confetti cannons, explosive devices, or similar special effects are to be used.

  5. Contestants with large or bulky costumes may have one Handler to assist them.

  6. If a contestant's cosplay is of an Original Character (OC), the judges kindly ask for a short comic or still a reference picture of the cosplay so they can accurately judge the cosplay.

  7. Bring at least one half sheet HIGH QUALITY, color reference image of your character. Can be a computer print out on regular copy paper, does not have to be a glossy print. Photos will be collected at time of registration. Reference images will not be returned, so please don't give us anything you want to keep!

  8. Contestants under the age of 12 or contestants with large or bulky props may bring one helper or parent onto the judging stage with them.

  9. Any skits must be 1 minute or less in duration.

  10. Please no food or drink that may ruin your or someone else's costume in the cosplay contest area.

  11. Please remain in the vicinity of the cosplay contest for the duration of the contest.

  12. One entry per-person (you may not be a single entry and part of a group.)

  13. All Awards are at the judge’s discretion. These awards will consist of one winner per each category and one grand prize winner to be selected from the category winners.

  14. Failure to follow these rules and guidelines can result in disqualification from the contest and the forfeit of any prizes.

Our contest aims to reward craftsmanship, enthusiasm, and effort!


We can't wait to see you there!