Connections Online Showcase 2022

Connections Online Showcase 2022


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The Connections Online Showcase is a proud part of the Connections family with our online-only conference. This special one-day event is focused on practical use-cases of professional wargames and wargaming events.

Panels & presentations will be livestreamed through YouTube, with additional interaction through a dedicated Discord server for registered attendees.

All Connections Online Showcase events will take place on 19 October between 9am & 11pm US EDT(UTC -4). All core events will be recorded and available for future viewing.

A modest registration fee of $3 will be charged to partially cover our IT expenses. Livestreams will be limited to registered participants, but the recordings will be open to all after the conference is complete. Registration cost includes:

  • All presentations, panels, and keynotes (unlimited seats for participation), including ability to ask questions / interact with the speakers during their presentations
  • Access to the Connections Online Showcase Discord server
  • Ability to register for any extended conference events, on a first-come, first-served basis for limited-seat events

Please note that all panels, presentations, and other events are limited to registered attendees of the conference. Core event videos will be made public after the completion of Connections Online Showcase 2022

Connections is an international series of conferences dedicated to advancing and preserving the art, science, and application of wargaming (to include gaming of business and non-war topics) by bringing together wargaming professionals, academics, and hobbyists interested in the theory and practice of wargaming for analysis, education, and training — and fun, too.