Con on the Cob 2024

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Con on the Cob is so chock full of games they are literally running out our wazoo (figuratively speaking, of course). There are role-playing games of all types, board games, miniature games, card games, party games, artsy games, live action games, and just about any other sort of game you can imagine. We have scheduled games, game tournaments, open games, and tons of special gaming events and gatherings. There’s the chronically fabulous Gathering of Savages for all you Deadlands and Savage Worlds fans out there. We have a complete schedule of Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society games. Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League is in the house! Man, we have so many freakin’ games!


While Con on the Cob has always had a bountiful crop of roleplaying games and other such diversions (inlcuding the CotC Games Library), this year we are stepping up our boardgaming programming with a horde of prize-bearing tournaments and organized boardgaming events.


Adding your own games and events to the schedule is as simple as clicking this link and filling out the form you'll find when you do so. Just click the New Submission button and continue from there.


Similarly, signing up to play in a game or attend an event is a matter as simple as wrangling a cat on a hot tin rocking chair in a room full of witch's nipples. Actually, it's way easier than that. Just click the Events Schedule link in the Attend tab and you'll see a schedule that holds all of the events that have been submitted and approved so far. You can search this schedule by event type and keywords. Click on the events you want to learn more about and then click the Get Ticket button to, uh... get a ticket. There aren't any actual physical tickets, just digital ones that hold your spot at the table.

Most games and events are free, although we still recommend you get a ticket in order to ensure your space is reserved and so you can easily view your schedule at any time using the My Schedule link in the Attend tab.


We have dozens of awesome games just kind of sitting around waiting for you play them. The Games Library is located in the atrium, near Gaming HQ. In order to check out a game you must surrender a valid ID, which will be returned to you upon return of the game. Games may be taken to the Con Suite or anywhere else in the hotel. Check with Gaming HQ to find a free table nearby.


COINS ON THE COB are special tokens given to RPG game masters and those who submit other gaming events (board games, etc...) before August 1, 2024. You earn one COIN ON THE COB for each registered player in attendance for any of your events that actually run. COINS ON THE COB can be used to purchase anything in the Mother of All Marketplaces, the Artitorium, the CotC Souvenirium, the Food Trucks, or the CotC Registration Desk. This means you can use them toward next year's badge if you want and potentially earn a free badge. Ask for your COINS ON THE COB at Gaming HQ at the start of each game.



If you are a game store, game manufacturer, or other party interested in hosting a gaming tournament or special event please contact Andy at


Follow this link to see what games and special gaming events are on the schedule.


Organized play refers to games in which players create a character that can be used in multiple adventures at various conventions and events across the world. Con on the Cob is host to several of these, including Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League and Pathfinder Society.


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