Cheyenne Gaming Convention 2023

What is a “Gaming Convention”?

A gaming convention is a gathering centered on role-playing games, collectible card games, miniatures wargames, board games, video games, or other types of games, as well as vendors that are gaming related. The major difference between a gaming convention and other conventions like a comic or pop-culture convention, is you get to spend the majority of your time playing games! We do not have panels or celebrates that you wait in line for, we have games and more games! Cosplay is always welcome, however not a primary focus of the convention.

What is the difference between a “Badge” and a “Ticket”?

Badges are your entry to the convention. You will receive a lanyard showing you are allowed to enter and participate.

Tickets are entry to specific events or games. If you want to play in a certain event (like a specific board game scheduled, a tournament, a certain Dungeons and Dragons adventure, etc.) then you can buy a ticket to those as well. However, we have over 1000 board and video game that are simply free to play! Grab your friends, or make some new friends, and sit down at an open table/controller.

Some people book up a schedule of events, some people just show up and play games in the library or whatever. You can sign up for events at the con if there is space left as well, but if you want to guarantee you get to play in something you should buy a ticket ahead of time.

Pro tip: If you buy tickets and badges on the same transaction it saves a little bit on fees.

Can I bring my children?

Please do! Children 10 and under are free with a paid adult (please purchase them a children’s badge). We have many kid-friendly games in our open board game library, as well as a dedicated kids section with things such as large tic-tac-toe, corn hole, plastic bowling, and other fun toys. Please remember you are responsible for your children at all times, and children under age 13 should not be left unattended at any time. Also, children under 10 may play in ticketed events however will still need to purchase a ticket to participate.

I want to play X game. Will it be there?

We have a large library of over 1000 board and video games, and we are always looking for suggestions to add to the library. Many attendees bring their own personal games as well. However, the best way to make sure your favorite game is at the convention is to bring your copy! Maybe you could even run it for others by submitting an event!

What about food and drink?

You do not even have to leave the con! On site there is a full restaurant, The Sandalwood, as well as a full bar and vending machines. There is a concession stand in the main lobby during vendor hall hours serving nachos, burgers, dogs and more. We also have a different food truck outside on both Saturday and Sunday, but get there quick as they are so popular they always sell out each year! (Other outside food and drink are not permitted inside the convention areas)

What if I want to come from out of town?

Actually, over 65% of all of our attendees are from outside Cheyenne! Our host hotel rooms are very affordable (Group code CHEY0420) and if you and you friends share a room, games literally go all night and there is no driving back and forth (see: on site bar).

What time is it?


What if my super important question is not answered here?

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