The Bloody Banquet (RuneQuest)

Play a group of Telmori Wolfbrothers, Glorantha's werewolves, as they try to clear their names from a case of bloody murder! You all blacked out during a diplomatic banquet, only to wake up and find everybody dead... what the hell happened?! Pre-gens provided.

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You are Telmori Wolfbrothers, from the fierce tribe of werewolves who live at the edge of Sartar. You have a strained relationship with the other tribes of the Kingdom, but the Dragonrise ushered a time of turmoil that you can use to your advantage. Your tribe wants to take back the hunting lands they lost to both Lunars and Sartarites over the past couple generations, and that requires negotiating with the neighbours. The problem is: you were invited to a banquet and you blacked-out. Now, you're waking up, covered in blood, surrounded by corpses. What happened? How are you going to fix this? What are you going to do?