Cardboard Caucus 2019

Cardboard Caucus is organized and planned by a group of gamers from the Des Moines, Iowa metro area. While each of us have regular day jobs, we are also working hard to make this convention a success because we are passionate about growing the tabletop gaming hobby in our community.

Who are we? Take a look below to get a quick introduction to our team!

Will Conley

Role: Supreme Leader 
Favorite Game: Current – Scythe, All-time – Splendor

Alexi Dawson

Role: Social Butterfly
Favorite Game: Current – Rajas of the Ganges & Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done; All-time – Abyss & Colosseum

Jacob Elson

Role: Illustrious Illustrator
Favorite Game: Current – Concordia: Venus; All-time – Sidereal Confluence

Michele Elson

Role: Master of Coin
Favorite Game: Concordia: Venus

Andrew Finke

Role: Wearer of Dogbeard
Favorite Game: Current – 18xx, All-time – Pit

Chad Hatting

Role: Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder
Favorite Game: Current – Scythe, All-time – Carcassonne

Matt Kelly

Role: Lecturer in Recent Runes
Favorite Game: Current – Pandemic: Fall of Rome; All-time – Advanced Civilization

Cody Lenhart

Role: The Muscle
Favorite Game: Current – Lisboa, All-time – Cthulhu Wars

Erin Meeker

Role: Keeper of the Scrolls
Favorite Game: Current – Ex Libris, All-time – Dominion

Aaron Schlumbohm

Role: Marketing Mastermind
Favorite Game: 1775: Rebellion

Carl Soderlund

Role: Chaos Agent
Favorite Game: Current – Pipeline; All-time – Underwater Cities