Cardboard Caucus 2022

Play to Win

Do you like free games? Check out a game from the play-to-win section of the library and you could have a chance to win it!

Play-to-Win Policies


To participate in Play-to-Win you must have a valid Cardboard Caucus badge. To be entered, a badge holder will check-out a game from the Play-to-Win library and upon check-in provide the badge number of every badge holder who played it with them. You are limited to one entry per check-out, but are able to check-out the same game multiple times during the convention. Participants found, in the opinion of Cardboard Caucus organizers, to be abusing the system by actions including but not limited to, checking out and returning games without actually playing them or holding onto games to prevent others from checking them out, may be disqualified with or without a warning from all Play-to-Win drawings.


Participants are limited to winning one game per badge. Games will be assigned to winners in order of value and/or hotness from highest to lowest, as determined by Cardboard Caucus organizers.

PTW game checkout will end at noon on Sunday to allow time to organize the drawing. Results will be announced on Sunday at 2:00pm.

If you are unable to be present Sunday afternoon to collect your game, a person with your badge may collect it for you. Any unclaimed games at the end of the convention will be redistributed at Cardboard Caucus organizers’ discretion.