Call of Cthulhu Miskatonic Repository Con 2022

Convention Conduct Rules

The Miskatonic Repository Convention is a digital safe space convention for attendees 18+. This is an inclusive environment! We welcome everyone and we want everyone to have fun.

We expect all participants (Keepers, attendees, organizers, panelists, host, etc.) to behave responsibly at all events.

By hosting or attending Miskatonic Repository Con, you are confirming both your understanding of and compliance with the expectations outlined below.

If you have any additional queries, please contact the organizers at:


No attendee shall harass a Keeper, guest, another attendee, or any individual present in the digital convention space. Any such behavior will result in expulsion from the convention. Miskatonic Repository Convention Event Organizers reserve the right to remove any images displaying what we in our sole discretion consider offensive (including any promotion of hate, religious/anti-religious proselytization, unauthorized solicitation, anti-feminism, or similar).

Harassment includes (but is not limited to):

Any participants asked to stop such behavior must comply immediately.

Safety Mechanics

All games run at the Miskatonic Repository Convention require use of an X-Card mechanic, or similar.


To ensure that everyone that attends our events has a positive experience, our Convention Conduct Rules also apply to in-game conduct. Due to the improvisational nature of Roleplaying Games, all Keepers and event hosts will be required to use the X-card as a minimum standard.

What’s an X-Card? An X-card is a tool that helps maintain a safe environment during events. Role Playing games can be very improvisational. Adventures can vary widely in content. We specialize in horror, so we understand that events may push boundaries in creative and interesting ways.

The X-card is a tool that helps maintain a safe environment during events. This can be done in various ways:

The specific method of activating the X-Card will be explained by your Keeper/Host prior to the event’s start.

The X-card can be used at any point if a participant is uncomfortable with the content happening during an event. Once the X-Card is activated, the group (as directed by the Keeper or Event Host) must immediately change, rewind, or skip the content. The X-Card was designed by John Stavropoulos and more information about it can be found at X-Card by John Stavropoulos

Please note that there are other Safety Mechanics that are available for use, such as Lines and Veils, Fade to Black, and others. We support the Keeper/Host if they choose to use these mechanics in addition to the X-Card.

Keeper and Host Expectations

Miskatonic Repository Convention Keepers and Hosts commit to the following expectations:

  1. The X-Card will be available to all attendees.
  2. You will promote a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees.
  3. You will arrive at your event no less than 10 minutes prior to start.
  4. You will disclose any content warnings prior to starting your event (e.g. extreme violence, sexual violence, etc.)
  5. You will take the time to review basic Discord functions to attendees who may need assistance.
  6. You will explain system/hosting rules to any attendee who is in need of it.
  7. By submitting events, you understand that you are responsible for keeping track of your event schedule, If you need to cancel or change an event, you will notify the event organizers at as soon as possible.
  8. You will not record or stream your game.

Failure to adhere to these Community Standards may result in mediation by the Miskatonic Repository Con Organizers. This may include but is not limited to verbal warnings, ejection from the convention, banning from all Miskatonic Repository Con online communities, or contacting local law enforcement.

If you are the GM, moderator, or facilitator, please remember most individual platforms (for example, your own Discord server or Zoom) allow you to ban or block accounts. You don't need our permission to block anyone for any reason, but please contact us once it's happened so we can take any additional steps necessary to protect the community.

If you witness or are targeted by harassment, contact staff by sending an email to, through Facebook Messenger, or through Discord Direct Messenger.