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Bonus Round 2018


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Sutton, WV


Days Hotel Sutton Flatwoods

350 Days Dr, Sutton, WV 26601, USA

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This is just a start to all the exciting things we are planning for Bonus Round 2018!!! Keep watching and we will update as we find new things we know you will enjoy!

Days Inn and Suites, Flatwoods, WV, September 15-16, 2018

Hours of Operation: *Friday – pre-convention open gaming at the hotel *Saturday - 9AM to Midnight *Sunday - 9AM to 6PM

Lodging: *Pricing and availibility - From $99 with code BONUSROUND

Event Submission: OPEN

Guests: thumbnail.jpg *Josh "TKO" Turner is a Pro-Wrestler & Actor from Indiana. Josh trained at OVW in Louisville Ky, when they was the WWE training center. Josh went on to have not only sucess in the ring, but outside of the ring as well. Josh is known for his work as "Tattooed Savior" from The Walking Dead Season 6,7, & 8. The "Jeter Brother" from Under The Dome, "Jake The Truck Driver" from Banshee, "Jolenes Boyfriend" from Nashville. Josh has also had roles in The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Leverage, ANTMan, Homicide Hunter, Killer Couples, and many other different network shows and films. Josh is also working with different charities such as Fighting For Autism, Where he is the US National Assiant Director. Josh also helps with Pops For Patience, Julianana Barbara Foundation, The VFW Post#1994, JDRF, Waiting to Hear, and many more. thumbnail.jpg *Kaylie Turner is a young actress from Tennessee. Kaylie started her career at a young age with a starring role in the Vince Vaughn film "Term Life". Kaylie has went onto have roles in, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Red Road, Homicide Hunter, Killer Couples, and many other different hit shows and films. Kaylie was also the children's spokes model for the 2016 NASCAR The Chase for NASCAR Kids. Kaylie also does a lot of work with different charities such as, Fighting For Autism, Pops For Patience, and Julianana Barbara Foundation, The VFW Post#1994, JDRF, Waiting to Hear, and many more. thumbnail.jpg *Scott "Insane" Lane is an Actor / Pro-Wrestler, that is based out of Tennessee. Scott also has found success out side of Wrestling in the film industry. Scott is known for his work on "The Walking Dead" Season 7 & 8 as Savior. Scott is also known for his role as a Inmate on "Spiderman Homecoming". Scott has also been apart of such hits as Need For Speed, ANTMan, The Originals, Black Lightining, Nashville and many other major productions. Scott also works with Fighting For Autism, POPs For Patients, The Julia Barbara Foundation, Scott also helps with a lot of other charities. thumbnail.jpg *Dave Spinks has been researching and Investigating the Paranormal since 1986 in various aspects, due to several experiences he had as a young man. He retired from over a 20 year Career in the U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement in 2011. Since that time he has investigated the paranormal on a full time basis and has conducted several hundred investigations during his time researching the supernatural.. Dave not only investigates Haunting's, he investigates reports of strange creatures as well as UFO encounters. he has investigated some of the most notoriously reportedly Haunted locations in the u.s. and several in Europe. all of this has led to numerous hair raising and unnerving encounters as one might imagine. Recently Dave purchased The infamous Haunted house known as willows weep to further his study of the phenomena related to haunting's. his sole purpose in investigating the Paranormal is to answer some of man's greatest questions. Is there life after death? Are we alone in the Universe? Are there unknown creatures walking among us? he believes there is and that alone is his motivation.
Dave has been featured on numerous syndicated radio shows, to include coast to coast am and darkness radio. He has been seen on the Discovery Network's /Destination america's " Terror in the woods" T.V. Show, He was also featured in Small Town Monsters , Movie , The Flatwoods monster " a Legacy of Fear ", ​​Paranormal zone t.v., several local news stations just to name a few. He is often requested to be a guest at paranormal conferences as well as a guest speaker on many topics in the supernatural realm. He also contributed to the new highly successful book series , Woodknocks distributed by leprechaun productions.

Music Festival: Canceled, Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mermaids: * Bonus Round has invited Mermaids from far and wide to join in the fun in beautiful Sutton, WV. The events will be taking place at the Days Inn Convention Center, the lovely Sutton Lake and surrounding areas.

Role Playing Games: Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire RPG *Pathfinder Society *Confluence META RPG *Call of Cthulhu *Ponyfinder **More TBD

Blood on the Clocktower

Board Gaming: *Play to Win!

Panels: *Q&A with our special guests *Ask a Mermaid *Crypted *and more...

Vendors: *CJS Games/The Dice Lady *Damsels in Defense *Dragon's Den *Whitney Candles *Adorkable

Other Events: *Cosplay *SciFi and Horror Programming *Retro Arcade *Meet Braxxie!