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Room Rates as low as $119 a night includes FREE Breakfast! call the hotel to book directly and get the B-Con 2021 discount


B-Con 2020/2021 - Come Play with us!

     3.5 great days of tabletop gaming!

We will be following all COVID protocols and honoring all 2020 passes

HUGE B-Con 2021 NEWS!!!

Bcon is less than 2 months away! Can you believe that??!

So much has changed and happened in our world - we are all so looking forward to getting back to gaming! We have been in a holding pattern with making this announcement due to limits by the hotel and the state, but we have finally got the green light to share, so here goes!

We are for sure happening! August 13, 14 and 15 (we will be setting up the 12th after 6pm if you want to stop by, grab a badge and play some pickup games like always).

This year is going to look a lot different than previous years because of hotel and state mandates. The biggest change for 2021 is: this is a private, invite only event - there will be NO REGISTRATION TABLE at Bcon 2021 - so if you would like to attend, you will need to get your badges from www.mrbgames.com or tabletop.events. This is to limit contact, touch and social distance in accordance with state and hotel rules.

Why is this year private? The hotel is only allowed to approve us for a MAXIMUM of 500 guests. We had 100+ folks who rolled their 2020 badges over to 2021 and we have many folks who have already purchased 2021 badges - plus we need staff and helpers to put on a great, fun safe show - so we currently must limit the number of badges we sell to about 375, a few hundred less than normal. We will add more badges if the hotel is allowed to increase our headcount, but 2021 must be first come, first served on badges with priority to our 2020 roll over guests and previous B-Conners.

Mask Policy - new this year, we must adhere to Delta by Marriott (same hotel as always, new name) and state of Colorado's mask mandate - which is, masks required for all unvaccinated AND vaccinated guests. Those choosing not to wear a mask must check in with the hotel with proof of vaccination for the possibility to attend without a mask (which will be TBD week of show by the Hotel or if state mandates change). We care about our friends and the safety of everyone - if you are not comfortable with the hotel and state mandates for this year, we are happy to roll your badge over to Bcon 2022 when we likely will be able to return to "normal," but this year we must ensure everyone's safety and enforce this mask policy until further notice.

Behavior Policy - as always, we will have our basic con rules as well as continue to use the "x cards" on all tables for anyone feeling unsafe. Bcon is a time to come together and enjoy one another around a table - so we do ask that you treat everyone with respect and kindness. As with every year, if an issue arises that the x card cannot resolve, please seek out a staff member and we will help you. We have never had an issue at any Bcon previously and fully expect that record to continue for this year, and many years to come. We know that 2020 has been very stressful - but we look forward to a weekend of games and laughs to start the road back to normal - and we know you all do too. Be kind, have fun: let's game!!!

Library - Our library is likely to return (as we evaluate ways to ensure it is safe for all guests) but there is a chance it may not be possible. We will be providing prizes and play-to-wins as always, but this year we will start giving prizes out on Friday so those prizes can be played throughout the weekend. This year (as always) we also encourage you to bring a tote of games as well - so we can have lots of options outside of play-to-wins and the Library!

The Dealer Room - Our vendors are returning! Time Well Spent and The Wizard's Chest have already confirmed and we are in talks with all 2019 vendors as well as new vendors to assure lots of games to be found as well!

Adventurer's League - Our good friends with DDAL are back and will have a slew of events daily - coming soon

Epic Size Gaming with Virgillio! - Our old friend Big V will be back with his epic, awesome, and oversized games - join in and have a blast! Games will be listed soon on TTE.

Gameshow - We must cancel the 2021 gameshow this year due to social distancing and contact restrictions. We hope for it to return in 2022!

Envoy - Our good friends with Envoy will be back hosting many play-to-win games as always. Come learn some new games - and maybe take one home too!

Event Registration - We will open registration for events this week!

Prototyping - We will continue the yearly tradition of having local designers at our show to test their games - and will have several studios/publishers present to take a peek. Reach out if you would like to show off your new designs! Our Game Design Contest will be more about looking at games and less competition - so sign up your game on the website and set up your games for great feedback and possibly get signed!

Swap Meet - We will hold the Used Game Swap Meet Friday night this year instead of Sunday morning, in an effort to get more games into more peoples' hands that we can use to play all weekend! Please limit your swap meet games pile to 10 games or less so everyone can join the fun. Held at 7pm Friday in the atrium.

That's everything we can think of! Badge Prices will be going up after 4th of July weekend, so lock in your 2021 badge soon!

Gaming Guests of Honor

Below is our 2020 guests of Honor - we are in talks with all of them to return in 2021 but they are all subject to change/availability.

Samuel Bailey

Sam is a recent transplant to Denver from Minnesota where he spent the last 3 years with Fantasy Flight Games designing and developing some amazing designs since his time at FFG such as:

Deep with PSC. Forbidden Stars remake with PSC. Conan: Savage Legends with Shinobi 7. Rambo: The Board Game with Everything Epic Games. Lawyer Up, a 2-player courtroom strategy and drafting game with Rock Manor Games.

Mike Fitzgerald

I had my first game, Wyvern, published in 1994. That was a trading card game that got me the opportunity to work free lance with Wizard of the Coast where I designed Nitro and X-Men trading card games for them. I branched into regular card games in 1996 with Mystery Rummy 1 Jack the Ripper. That series is still on sale world wide. In 2013 I became a full time game designer and since then I have designed Baseball HIghlights 2045 and Diamonds. I am very excited to see my next design, Football Highlights 2052, coming outsoon, and I will have advance copies at this years B-Con.

"Let's Play a Game" Mike Fitzgerald

Virgillio SanAndres is coming again this year and will be bringing his larger-than-life games with him! There will be some scheduled games and the rest of the time he will be doing open gaming with his games. So go up and ask to play your favorite!

Mark Streed

Mark is a game reviewer for the Dice Tower as well as his own show Boardgame Corner. If you are looking for someone to preview your new project or kickstarter, Mark is one of the best in the business.

D&D Adventurers' League

B-Con 2020 is proud to host events for the D&D Adventurers League once again! The DDAL will be running events on all four days, starting at 6:00pm Thursday and wrapping up at 6:00pm on Sunday night. The DDAL team is in the process of applying for an Epic, a Premiere, AND 3 CCCs - this should be a very exciting con!