Armour Con 2023

Cyberpunk Red: The Incident

There's something strange going on in Old Japantown, and the Danger Gal detective agency needs some capable Edgerunners to get to the bottom of it!

Help solve a mystery that reaches down to the very bowels of Night City in 2045. No prior experience in the system necessary.

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Where & When (local to convention) Saturday from {{ '2023-10-14 23:30:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }} to {{ '2023-10-15 03:20:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }}
RPG1 in Northborough
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The location: Forlorn Hope, the legendary Bar for established Edgerunners based out of Old Japantown. Your Fixer has hooked you up with a preem gig from an exceptional client, one that pays well for the simple expectation of signing an NDA. The Danger Gal detective agency has a big-time mystery on their hands, and some sub-contracting is in order to solve this mystery. Are you and your team up to the task?

No experience in the system is necessary; pregen characters will be available, while experienced Edgerunners can bring their own characters to the table. D10s and D6s will be provided if you don't have them.

This game will likely run while Saturday night raffle drawings and contests are going on. A break will be taken for players to participate.