Armour Con 2023

Conquest: 2000 pts

4 Rounds, Last Argument of Kings format. 2:15 hour rounds, and painting is strongly encouraged! Prizes for best painted unit and best painted solo model, and 1st-3rd place. Please check long description for further details.

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Conquest 2000pt The Last Argument of Kings Tournament

4x 2 hour, 15 minute rounds.

Painting is strongly encouraged (3 color minimum and basing); Conversions and Proxies are legal but must be 70% Parabellum parts. Regiments and Heroes must be released models. Players are expected to bring their own dice, rulers, cards, models, regiment stands, and tokens.

Please provide 2 copies of your army list with your Parabellum PIN number and Army Faction in the title.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, best painted unit, and best painted solo model.

Please register in Longshanks through the link below. Armour Con 2023 Saturday 2K