Armour Con 2023

40k: GT

2000 points

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Miniatures2 in Ballroom CDE

"40k GT: Rounds 4-6"

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Miniatures2 in Ballroom CDE
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Terrain Rules

2000 Points

Terrain rules are following LVO 2023 Standards.

Terrain will be Player Placed. Terrain will be available at each table. The Defender chooses their table side and players separate the terrain. Note, this is a deviation from the normal order of operations. Starting with the Defender, players alternate placing 1 piece of terrain from their half of the terrain in their table half, as defined by board edges in the deployment map of the mission, at a time until all terrain has been placed. All the terrain pieces must be placed.

Terrain must be at least 4” from a table edge or another piece of terrain. Large Area Terrain must be placed at least 6” from other large Area Terrain.

Note: In the instance one or more players has a model that has a footprint more than 6” in diameter in their narrowest measurement such as a Brass Scorpion, adjust terrain as needed to allow them to be able to traverse the board. When placing terrain, if it is found a model cannot fit through a 4 inch gap, AND it cannot legally move up and over the terrain using its full movement, then move the terrain the minimum distance necessary to allow the model to fit through. Note: Full movement, means a model's furthest movement tier without advancing. Call a judge for assistance as needed.

Once terrain is placed, it is not to be moved unless a TO is present.

1000 points

Terrain will be pre placed in the smaller board with one bigger piece of terrain in the middle with other terrain placed according to deployment.

Model Guidelines

Conversions must be approved no later than 1 week before the event. ALL models must be armed as modeled. If models do not have the gear they are supposed to be equipped with, they will count as the weapon modeled. If this weapon change makes the list over the point limit, then the model must be removed from play. If this model is removed and the unit size goes under the minimum unit size, the unit will have to be removed.

To be counted as fully painted players must have 3 non primer colors on their model and their bases must also be done. (bases with sand, flock, texture paint, and other details are what we are looking for).


If there is an issue whether it be over rules, a disagreement, or any other reason players can attempt to resolve themselves. If they cannot come to an agreement or require a TO to step in, our TO will make a call and it will stand at that.


Lists must be submitted on the Wednesday before the tournament date so we have time to review and go over the lists. Please bring an extra copy of your list to have with you during your games.

2 copies of their list PRINTED out. One for the TO and one for themselves and their opponents.

Players must bring the following: A rule book whether it be digital or hard copy Their codex and any book in which they are using rules. This can also be digital or hard copy. A tape measure and dice

FAQs and New Rules

We use any new codexes if they are released the week before. Any leaked rules will not be used. Any new FAQs or dataslates will be used if released the Thursday before the event. This will give time for new changes to be uploaded onto Battlescribe.

Code of Conduct

We use the ITC’s Code of Conduct. Please reference their document here.