Arizona Game Fair 2022

In 2020 we cancelled our show just as the pandemic was hitting the state. Due to this some people will have badge credits for that show. Here is how we are handling those credits.

If you purchased a badge for the 2020 show and were not refunded: We will be entering your new badge information into our system allowing you to attend the 2022 show at no cost. Full badge holders will be upgraded to a 4-day badge. Single day badge holders will be allowed to add a second day. Our team will reach out to confirm your choices.

If you can't make it to the 2022 show: Attendees unable to attend will recieve a credit of the amount they spent good for future Arizona Game Fair shows. Those credits will expire in December 2025.


Miniatures tournaments: People still holding limited seating badges for our 40K and AOS tournaments will have the opportunity to attend those tournaments in 2022. We will be reaching out to those people to find out their preference. Those we are unable to reach by January 1st will be dropped and their badge will be sold.

All volunteer, GM, Media or other badge types: These badges are no longer valid. People holding these badge types will need to apply again for the 2022 show.

Flea market table: Flea market tables will be honored from 2020. Those not using the table in 2022 will receive a credit for future events. Our team will be reaching out to those who have tables.

If you have questions about your badge, contact us at