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Acadeconline 2019



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AcadeConLine is in its second year as the booster convention for the mothership that is AcadeCon

What is AcadeConLine?

We all love AcadeCon, but our wonderful little convention is still months away! Whatever will we do!? We at The RPG Academy podcast have had the extreme good fortune of building a community of wonderful gamers that listen to our podcast and want to play games with us and we want to play games with them. Instead of waiting until November to make for this to happen we have decided to once again to host our second annual online tabletop convention. In the spirit of AcadeCon we will be offering people the chance to play and run games in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment.

Since the purpose of AcadeConLine is to continue to feed the flame of excitement leading up to IRL AcadeCon we will be offering badges at zero cost. All we ask is that if you had a good time consider throwing a few bucks our way in support of AcadeCon. Every little bit helps us offer a better convention experience for those in attendance.

Important Dates

Event Signup Begins: June 10th
Event Submission Ends: June 28th

How does an online convention work?

Most of us have played games online over a digital tabletop like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds and some of us just prefer to use Skype or Google Hangouts. AcadeConLine does not try to re-invent the wheel or force GMs and players to use a system that they do not like. Instead, we will allow GMs to decide how they want to run their game and when they wish to do so. We will then connect players and GMs together and assist them in order to make sure they have a memorable game.

You may say though "Hey there I have no idea how to set up or play in an online game!?" Have no fear, brave convention goer! We will offer tutorials on how to get started and some best practices for playing games online. We will also be available to help you out to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Live Panels.

During AcadeConLine we will be live streaming panels on tabletop RPGs over the course of the weekend. Please stay tuned for a schedule!

Code of Conduct & Terms of Service.

AcadeConLine is an inclusive gaming event open to gamers of all types. Every attendee will be subject to our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service. View more information here - Code of Conduct