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Tampa, Florida

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813 489 3997



Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa USF

3705 Spectrum Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612, USA

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Tampa Tabletop Role-playing Games Convention.

Friday April 7th 12pm to 11pm, 2023 Saturday April 8th 8am to 11pm, 2023 Sunday April 9th 8 am to 9 pm, 2023 Venue: Embassy Suites Hotel USF

Besides Over 150 Games to sign up for, what can you expect at the convention?

  1. Live Music on Saturday night. With Tampa Bay's very own Fantastical Tigers!
  2. Costume contest on Saturday night
  3. A vendors room as per any convention.
  4. A Panels room with crafting, painting, and other miscellaneous tutorials.
  5. General gaming areas for anyone wanting to run any game they desire. Upcoming additions! BRING YOUR GAMES!
  6. Live Action Role Playing. We currently have a Vampire LARP and are looking to take on another group to join us. Details will be updated as we know more.
  7. I will be running a PVP Tournament of Dragons. This is a great chance for me to get some play time in with many of you! The winner will be crowned the convention's first Champion of Dragons. For those needing lodging here is the site for discounted room rates at the Embassy Suites:


Please share the convention link with all of your gaming companions. This is Tampa's first Convention dedicated to Role Playing and we want it to become a staple event every year! As always we thank you for all of the support!

Artwork commissioned by Maylon Meek!



CODE OF CONDUCT Tampa Bay Table Top Role-Playing Games Convention's (TTRPGC) mission is to create a fun, safe, welcoming, awesome event where fans of all kinds can come together and celebrate. We want you to not only have the most amazing weekend ever but to experience it in an environment where you are safe and accepted. As fans ourselves, we understand the importance of creating a safe space for everyone who attends.

This Code of Conduct establishes that all participants in TTRPGC events have the right to a healthy and safe environment. This Code of Conduct covers both participation at TTRPGC events and communications between participants outside TTRPGC events. It applies to all participants, including players, Control, Game Control, TTRPGC Organisers, TTRPGC Assistants, volunteers, observers, and anyone else involved in any TTRPGC event or communication.

TTRPGC has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to:

•stalking •intimidation including offensive verbal comments •physical assault and/or battery threats •harassing or non-consensual photography or recording •sustained disruption of panels, signings, and other events •bathroom policing •inappropriate physical contact •unwelcome physical attention •sexually explicit, suggestive, and/or provocative behavior •hate symbols in relation to, but not limited to: •race •color •national origin •gender •gender identity gender presentation •sexual orientation •marital status •age •body size disability •appearance •religion •citizenship •pregnancy *Denigration of anyone for any other reason not specified above

Sensitive Topics: If an event or communication has to involve sensitive or uncomfortable topics, this should be clear to all participants at the earliest opportunity. Individuals have the right to express discomfort or sensitivity to topics and to request that the topics no longer be presented to them. Integrity: We seek to foster a creative and authentic experience for our players. Participants should adhere to the rules of the game and not seek to gain an advantage through illegitimate means. Personal biases and grievances should be left at the door. If in doubt, prioritize good sportsmanship over personal gain.

If a person engages in harassing behavior, TTRPGC staff will take prompt action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from the Convention with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE. Exhibitors, attendees, speakers, guests, professionals, press, staff, volunteers, and security are all subject to our Anti-Harassment Policy. Anyone can report harassment. If someone's behavior has made you uncomfortable, or if you witness the same happening to someone else, you should immediately contact security or staff. We will respect confidentiality requests for the purpose of protecting victims of abuse as much as reasonably possible. If necessary, we will contact local law enforcement, provide escort, offer a safe place, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to make sure they feel safe for the rest of TTRPGC,

Remember: Cosplay is not consent. Keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a picture with others, always ask first and respect that person's right to say no. When at TTRPGC, be respectful, be nice, be cool, and be kind to each other.

Hate symbols are not permitted at TTRPGC, including as part of cosplay, and TTRPGC will not allow costumes that contain hate symbols or appropriate the symbolism of hate groups, including, but not limited to, historical/comic-related/satirical costumes that are associated with Nazis. Whether a behavior or a costume violates this policy shall be determined by TTRPGC at its sole discretion.

Reporting of any safety condition: Please feel free to contact any and or all staff identified by ID Badge or located in the reception area if you have any situation covered or not covered within the code of conduct. You can also report annonymously via email at Thestrangerealms@gmail.com or direct text or call 813 489 3997. In addition We promise to keep the reporting anonymous, TTRPGcon promises to only disclose information to those people who need to know it, like decision-making staff, and the amount of that information is limited to the amount that is necessary for decision-making. This policy covers all reports, anonymous or not. In person reporting of any issue will be conducted in a private office space to insure confidentiality.