2022 Gaming Hoopla

2022 Gaming Hoopla


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Mundelein, Illinois


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Libertyville - Mundelein

510 IL-83, Mundelein, IL 60060, USA

Time zone: America/Chicago (UTC {{ '2022-04-29 15:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/Chicago' }})

Driving Directions

Web Site

(847) 949-5100

To reserve your discounted room, use this link: Gaming Hoopla Room Reservations or call (847)949-5100. If using the website, be sure to click the "Special Rates" box and put "GH4" in the group code field. If calling, be sure to give them the code "GHG" to get your discount! Breakfast for 2 guests per room is included. Be sure to reserve a room by April 15th!

2022 Gaming Hoopla

April 29th - May 1st

Doubletree by Hilton in Mundelein, IL


Important Dates:

  • Badge Registration - CLOSED
  • Hotel Room Block Reservations - CLOSED
  • Hoopla T-shirt Sales - CLOSED
  • Event Submission - CLOSED
  • Event Sign-Up - OPEN
  • Auction Submission Opens - OPEN
  • BGG Math Trade Game Submission Opens - CLOSED
    Math Trade Submission List
    Math Trade Discussion Thread
  • BGG Math Trade Game Submission ends/Want List Submission - OPEN
  • BGG Math Trade Results Posted - April 24th at 10:00 pm
  • Auction Submission Ends - April 30th at 12:00 pm*
  • Event Sign-Up - runs through Hoopla weekend**

*If you submit auction lots after April 25th at 11:59 pm, you must print your own bid sheets.

**There will be no event schedule binders this year, the event schedule can be referenced here on TTE through your Tabletop account. You will be able to sign up for events throughout the weekend using your TTE account.


The Gaming Hoopla is a gaming convention that is a fund-raiser for cancer related charities. This year the Gaming Hoopla is happy to again partner with Aurora Cancer Care! To find out more about the Hoopla and why we do it, click HERE.

The Gaming Hoopla features tabletop board gaming, miniatures, RPG's, giant board games, tournaments, free game rental from the Gaming Hoopla games library, the Best Raffle Ever, a silent auction, a game store exhibitor, and more!

With hundreds of scheduled events, as well as open gaming areas and a well-curated rental library, Gaming Hoopla is an ideal place for board game hobbyists to play with friends and family, or meet new gaming buddies!



The DoubleTree is located at 510 IL-83, Mundelein, IL 60060. Less than an hour north of Chicago center and 1 hour south of Milwaukee center, 15 minutes off I-94, the DoubleTree by Hilton offers comfortable rooms, the Karma Pub for evening libations, and dozens of very close dining options from fast food to sit-down restaurants.

The window to get a room at a discounted rate has CLOSED, but you can still book a hotel room at the DoubleTree at their standard rate HERE or call (847)949-5100.


Masks REQUIRED We know that COVID numbers are doing well in Illinois and that mask mandates have been lifted for nearly all indoor spaces across the state, but we are choosing to KEEP our mask requirement in place for two important reasons: - Those attendees who booked their badges in January and February did so with the expectation that masks would be required. We feel it would be disruptive and disrespectful to change that expectation now. - At its core, the Hoopla is an event to support individuals and families who previously or are currently battling cancer. Thus our core demographic is more medically vulnerable then the average gamer, so we feel it is critical to keep this group in mind when planning the Hoopla. So we will adhere to a higher level of risk prevention and keep masks required in all Hoopla spaces.

SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Any time you cross into a space that is Hoopla-only, you will be expected to wear a mask over both your nose and mouth. If you wish to eat or drink and want to take your mask off for an extended amount of time, we respectfully ask that you do so outside of Hoopla-only spaces. You are not required to wear a mask in other parts of the hotel that are open to the general public.

RULES OF RESPECT: We realize asking people to mask back up SUCKS, and is frustrating to everyone. So we want to lay out a few ground rules here to help get everyone on the same page: - We have added mask-based harassment to our Code of Conduct. If you are verbally harassing someone for either wearing (or not wearing) a mask, you may be expelled from the Hoopla without a refund. TL;DR - Please be nice and get a staff member if someone is being a jerk about masks... - If you are asked by Hoopla staff members repeatedly to put on a mask (or to wear one properly) and you continually do not comply, that is also grounds for removal from the Hoopla without a refund. - You may see hotel staff without a mask in Hoopla-only spaces, as we cannot control the policy that the Doubletree requires for their staff. If you have concerns about an unmasked hotel staff member, PLEASE talk to any Hoopla staff person (look for the purple Hoopla shirts)

Proof of Vaccination REQUIRED For attendees over the age of 5

All attendees five (5) years and older will be required to show proof of a COVID vaccination when they check in to receive their badge. Those without proof of vaccination will be denied from getting their Hoopla badge. Children under the age of five years old are encouraged to wear a mask if they are old enough to tolerant one. Proof of vaccination means:

  • A photocopy, photo or showing your actual vaccination card. Digital vaccine cards (i.e. an app that connects to a medical records system) are also allowed.
  • The vaccine card must display the same name as your badge. If you wish your badge to display something drastically different, we may ask to see a photo ID to confirm that the names match
  • You must have both shots of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine complete, and the second shot (or the single shot for the J&J vaccine) can't be later then April 14th, 2022.

The Gaming Hoopla staff strongly encourages attendees to also follow the CDC guidelines for booster shots of the COVID vaccine, but we will not be checking the status of booster shots for registration.

Medical exceptions are available on a limited basis to ensure a high level of vaccination, but may require proof of a negative test within 48 hours of your arrival. Please contact gaminghoopla@gmail.com if you are unable to receive a vaccine for medical reasons and wish to attend.


Can't attend this year, support the Hoopla by buying this year's t-shirt instead!


If you really, really want to support the Hoopla, buy a VIG badge instead and get:

  • Weekend Badge
  • EXCLUSIVE VIG Chiller Tote Bag (see pic below)
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