Delicious Options for Dining and Nightlife

One thing we always look forward to when visiting a convention is quality dining. Luckily for attendees to the D8 Summit, this vacation hotspot does not disappoint.

Our convention highlights opportunities to share a meal with friends. The convention breaks for lunch between 1 and 2pm each day, and for dinner between 6 and 8pm. These expanded meal times are intended for you to enjoy dining on-site, or to visit one of the many quality restaurants in the area.

The Grand Bear Lodge offers dining opportunities and a full bar on-site. This includes a breakfast buffet opening at 7am, as well as lunch and dinner buffets featuring a number of different foods.

Off of the convention site, Utica offers a number of quality dining establishments in the near vicinity of the convention. If you are looking for American fair, homestyle Cajun, or some great Shepherd's Pie, Utica will not disappoint.

The nearby town of Ottawa offers even more dining, in a scenic and vibrant community. Browse some of the options available to you.

Both towns also have vibrant night scenes for adults that want to enjoy life after the sun goes down.